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The most modern, comfortable and safe anchorage on the Black Sea
with a water area completely protected from waves


The most modern, comfortable and safe anchorage on the Black Sea with a completely protected water area. At the moment, the harbor can accommodate up to 300 yachts, including superyachts up to 140 meters long.

The yacht marina offers its customers a wide range of services: 24-hour concierge service, fuel refueling, water and electricity supply, yacht maintenance, including lifting up to 40 tons - in a word, everything that the owner of a boat or yacht needs.

The special geographical position of the port provides not only year-round navigation, but also the opportunity to reach the coasts and ports of Crimea, Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria on a high-speed motor yacht in a few hours.

Just a 1-hour drive from the marina in Krasnaya Polyana are the best ski resorts in Russia. Many other attractions are easily accessible: the Olympic Park, Formula 1 Sochi Autodrom, the world's longest suspension bridge, parks, nature reserves and waterfalls.

As in other port cities, the Sochi marina is a center of tourist attraction and a favorite vacation spot for residents and guests of the city. The infrastructure includes bars and restaurants, boutiques and a shopping gallery - all within walking distance from the yacht.

Active recreation center:

  • Annual competitions of the National Sailing League
  • Sochi Yacht Show
  • social parties
  • Sailing Academy Yacht Russia


Since the founding of Fort Alexandria (the future city of Sochi) in 1838, communication with other coastal cities has been carried out mostly by sea, but the first berths began to be built only in 1872. Until that time, the ships were either at the mouth of the Sochi River or in the roadstead at sea. Passengers and their luggage were brought to the ships by boats, from which they boarded the ships using ladders and rope ladders. In bad weather, disembarkation and embarkation of passengers, loading of cargo was impossible. In winter, ships did not come at all. Therefore, the arrival of the steamer was a great

In the second half of the 19th century, branches of the agency of the Russian Society of Shipping and Trade (ROPIT) appeared on the Black Sea coast, which were engaged in sea transportation and transportation of goods. At the initiative of this Society, a pier on piles and the first port facilities were built in Sochi. However, the mooring facilities built during this period were repeatedly destroyed during storms.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Sochi became a fashionable resort, which was largely facilitated by the First World War, which deprived Russian holidaymakers of traditional holiday destinations in Europe. There was an urgent need to build a port.

Since the early 1930s, Sochi has been turning into the main resort of the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin often liked to relax at his dacha in Zelenaya Roshcha, improving his health with the healing climate of Sochi.

By the end of the 1930s, a boathouse for lifting boats, a building for ship repair workshops, a cargo warehouse and a room for loaders were equipped in the port. A temporary wooden building of the passenger pavilion was erected. However, the Great Patriotic War, which began in 1941, interrupted all work.

The beach line was completely washed out by undercurrents, the coast had to be refilled. By 1955, a new berth for ships 92.5 meters long was built and the historic building of the sea station was opened - a real work of architectural art, the main attraction and visiting card of the city. The authors of the project are well-known architects Karo Halabyan And Leonid Karlik.

The complex consists of a two-storey building and an L-shaped gallery.

The building has patios with small fountains. The open areas of the courtyards were designed taking into account climatic conditions. Even now, cafe tables are located on them, the visitors of which breathe the sea air and admire the wonderful landscape.

In the center was the waiting room. This is a spacious bright hall, generously decorated with stucco and painting, cast iron and paintings, clocks and colored ceramics. The enfilade of white-marble columns, richly decorated with ornaments, gives the whole structure a strict, but light and light appearance.

The dome of the building is a tower with a 71-meter spire. The tip is crowned with the Order of the Great Patriotic War of the first degree in the shape of a star.

The first tier is decorated with five-meter female figures that personify the seasons. On the second tier there are male figures symbolizing the cardinal directions.

The sculptures of the third tier of the tower of the sea station are at a height of 35 meters and represent frolicking dolphins - the inhabitants of the Black Sea. All elements were made by the famous sculptor V. Ingal.

A magnificent fountain completes the complex of the Marine Station. In the park, where rose gardens are broken, palm trees and Himalayan cedars grow, there is a fountain with a 7-meter bowl. In the center of the bowl is a female figure, personifying Navigation. In one hand she has a boat and a sailing boat, and with the other hand she stops the waves of the sea, wishing the sailors a happy voyage.

The Sochi seaport is forever captured in the famous film directed by Leonid Gaidai "The Diamond Arm". It was here, at the pier of the Marine Station in 1968, that the scene of farewell to Semyon Semenovich and his family was filmed before traveling aboard the Mikhail Svetlov

Work on the large-scale reconstruction of the seaport in Sochi for the 2014 Olympics has been going on for more than three years. A new stage in its development has begun.

In November 2014, Sovcomflot and Burevestnik Group signed a public-private partnership agreement, according to which the yacht port was transferred to the management of the Burevestnik Group holding.

In the process of titanic efforts, the port's water area has improved significantly, the territory has doubled, berths and pontoons have been rebuilt, a lot of work has been done to transform it into a beautiful Sochi Grand Marina. The water area has become completely safe and protected from storms.

If earlier large ships were forced to stay in the roadstead a kilometer from the port, and passengers were brought ashore on boats, now the Sochi Grand Marina yacht port is able to easily moor up to 300 ships with comfort and safety.

And the renovated sea terminal can simultaneously accommodate up to five ships, including two liners more than 300 meters long, designed for 3.5 thousand passengers. Every year, all ships of the port carry more than two million passengers, cruises are made in the basins of the Black and Mediterranean Seas. An armada of the largest ships from different countries, including the Russian Kruzenshtern, Khersones, Mir, Nadezhda, Sedov, moored in the renovated Sochi harbor.