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“Storm of the Century” in Sochi Grand Marina

Шторм века в Сочи Гранд Марине

A terrible storm raged in Sochi throughout the night and morning of November 27. All the embankments of the resort came under attack. Before nightfall, the waves reached a height of 4 meters.

The storm of the century (as the news called it) was led by a Balkan cyclone that moved from Europe to the Black Sea over the weekend.
— These types of tropical cyclones are approximately 200 times more energetic than global electricity production. And this cyclone brought hurricane winds of up to 40 meters per second, which is 144 km/h. Well, and, accordingly, serious destruction, because such an air flow is more than a hundred kilograms of pressure per square meter,” said Evgeny Tishkovets, meteorologist, leading employee of the Phobos weather center.

The Sochi Grand Marina team received a storm warning in advance, on November 24th. This made it possible to take all the necessary precautions and avoid destruction and casualties.

Additional teams of coastal sailors were on duty in the port to assist the navigators.

Shipowners were also advised in advance to secure their yachts and boats:
➡️ Tie the stern mooring lines to the concrete pier and use a mooring (dead anchor)
➡️ Check the vessel, mooring lines, bollards at the pier
➡️ Be on duty on the ship whenever possible

Thus, damage in Sochi Grand Marina has been reduced to zero.

As before, we continue to broadcast the main values of Sochi Grand Marina: safety and comfort.

The largest marina on the Black Sea coast is ready to accept ships for safe year-round accommodation.